Actress / Film Producer
  Name Nao Hojyo
  Date of Birth Jan / 19 / 1975
  Place of Birth EHIME JAPAN
  Blood O
  Height 168cm
  Breast 85cm
  waist 59cm
  Hip 86cm
  Shoe 24.5cm
  Fun Gardening , Aroma
  Skill: Swimming
  Quorification Houseback riding levels 5, ColorCoorddinater levels 3, Food Analists leveis 4
  Art History  
  Works Film Produce  



「GENKI-YA NO TAWAGOTO」 Works to the YUBARI Fantastic Film Festival     BS SKY PERFECT TV

      「ONI GA CINEMA」 Autumn Special week・Grand Prix  


      「BITE」 Cast: Wife Bondage   Director:Hiroshi Inoue  
      「Snow Dome」 Cast: Second Starring Sister Bondage  Director:Takayuki Fukada  

「Marital bills of the ANI &Me」 Cast: Nurse Bondage  Director:Ryo Moroe

      「Blue Picture」  Cast: Starring    Director:Ryo Nakamura  
      「Chapter ONE」  Cast: Starring Director:Tomonori Ito  
      「Live Tweet in the Morning」 :Blossom Report Present  
      「korogi: Cricket」        Cast: MINAMI  
      「Love Letter」  Cast: Wife Bondage AMD Planning  

「Lover’s Requiem」 Theater Company SOGEKI-SHA

      「My Country so far」  :zero Company  
      「Helical stages」     :Play Laboratory  
    2005 「MINTIA」 :ASAHI FOODS  
    2012 「FIAT Daily」 :ELLE JAPAN Special issue on July  
  The TITLE      
    2006 「Miss SHO-NAN Gland Prix」  2nd place